It's never been as simple to rent a boat

Indeed, renting a boat is not that simple, but now with boat rental sites among others, the procedures are available online.

Renting a boat in the best way

You don't need a boat permit to travel on the water. As long as you choose a destination accessible by fresh water, you can rent a barge or motorboat to stroll along the landscape. At the moment, there are several companies that offer a walk to visit a city, such as Strasbourg, Lille, the Seine or Venice, Amsterdam and others. At the moment, the rate has not changed, 40 euros per hour for a boat with 5 people on board, so it is 8 euros per hour per person. Other alternatives are open for a barge rental that still does not need a boat license, but a simple two-hour training and you can have a temporary license.

Rent a boat online

The is the easiest way to rent a boat, and as we are no longer in holiday period, the offers change. Now, we're more on a weekend rental, or a day or even a few hours to relax and get away from the everyday life that's in vogue. But we can also do co-browsing. The latter is a rental with the owner of the boat, it will be a yacht or a barge for a week or a weekend with very little cost. Yes, because this period is the time when owners take their boat and many want to reduce the cost and share it with you. So, it will be half the usual price for a well insured week. At the moment, a family barge or houseboat rental for a weekend is 400 euros per day.

The site offers you the best destination for the season, just contact the boat owner directly through the site and you will be better informed.

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