Samboat offers you the chance to rent a boat anywhere in Europe

Lift anchor and enjoy the freedom of a barge trip with your partner, family or friends for a weekend, a few days or a week. Boating is easy and requires no prior knowledge, so that everyone can enjoy a boat holiday. And all this at prices that defy all competition.

The privilege of having a boat at your disposal as you wish

Become the captain of your own boat. No licence or sailing experience is required. It's as simple as that. You get on board and we show you everything you need to know during a training and demonstration. Then start and enjoy your boat holiday. Whatever type of boat everyone is looking for. It's like driving a car, much easier and more relaxing. Whether in France or anywhere else in Europe, it is now possible for everyone to have a private boat for their holidays, or even their various trips. The budget will depend on the time of the rental, and the type of boat you are looking for.

A practical and reliable boat rental

Whether it is for rent a boat mykonos or for a trip to Italy, the price remains the same for everyone throughout Europe, and this, on all types of boats rented. Enjoy a carefree holiday on one of the perfectly equipped and well-maintained yachts in the Netherlands or Belgium. Visit charming cities with their views. Explore a unique and varied region in the heart of Europe. Round trips, one-way trips, weekly trips or day trips to Saarland, Moselle or Vienna. Discover two of the most beautiful regions of Greece, from Mykonos to Santorini, via Athens.

Renting ships is the experience people prefer, because it gives them the privacy they cannot get on the continent. And all this, for prices that are more beneficial than indulging in this or that luxurious activity on earth, for the same period of time.

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