The boat rental market is booming

At first, renting a boat is a luxury affair, now this business is released and you can rent a boat like renting a house especially during the summer holidays. There is a procedure to follow to rent a boat.

A guide will accompany you

It is enough to go to the most famous ports in France like in Cap d'Agde to understand that this market is growing. This entertainment mainly attracts tourists during the summer, and they have at their disposal several concepts able to adapt with a clear ease to their will. Specialized companies have launched formats allowing several travellers to climb in a kind of barge or a fishing boat. You can explore the area with a guide who will explain all the crispy anecdotes.

The boat rental market is the best

It is therefore not surprising to see a turnover that is sometimes colossal. This market weighs several billion euros, because boat rental is a real craze whether it is experts or professionals. According to a study conducted by a major player in this field, this phenomenon still represents nearly 2 billion euros in Europe alone. No precise figure is shared for France, but given the success identified during the summer, it is not surprising to see such statistics. Regarding the most boat rental with three or four cabins seem most attractive.

The lease of a boat

A day costs 300 euros for a pleasure boat with five cabins and 10 people on board. The contract is very simple and the boat is equipped and comfortable. A 24-hour rental which the client can take the boat to 16 hours and return the next day at the same time. What is advantageous with this particular offer is the flexibility of the contract because it can lengthen the return of the boat by a few hours. You can even rent a boat for one night as a rental room, say sleeping in a yacht is a great privilege.

Finally, the last form of collaborative pleasure still emerging: the shared ports that allow to rent and make available its place when at sea. Even in other places like the boat hire corfu.

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