Why you must rent a party boat in Ibiza

Today, one of the most popular boat types of Ibiza is the yacht. For more traditional sailors and for the more adventurous, it is suggested to rent sailboats or catamarans. Sailboats are available for hire, with or without crew, and rental is available daily.

Boats and yachts for rent in Ibiza

Ibiza is the country of the festival, there are festivals every month, and this year, it will be even hotter. The schooners are picturesque boats ideal for a group rental of more than 12 people. It is a perfect venue for organizing corporate events, weddings, stag parties, etc. On these boats, you can offer many types of services on board, such as DJ, catering, personalized decoration, etc. Most of the boats you will find online are located in the ports of Ibiza town, especially Marina Ibiza and Marina Botafoch. In fact, these ports are in a strategic location, several thousand sailors from Formentera and easily accessible from Ibiza Airport.

All types of boats with particular agencies

There is the existence of a department dedicated to boat rental ibiza and the sale and management of moorings. And all this under the management of a team specializing in the organization of everything you need to make your stay in Ibiza easier, including bureaucratic procedures and a concierge service. Start-ups for renting boats offer a great deal of navigation, and even grant a temporary navigation permit for those who do not travel at sea. Nevertheless, the site offers professional skippers who are ready to take off with you. Ibiza is one of the most beautiful islands in Spain because it has excellent hotels and is also a totally touristic island, where locals have strived to make this island a paradise filled with luxuries, among which luxury is the power rental of a luxury boat in Ibiza.

In Ibiza, you can do many activities and of course, sailing can only be one of them, so they choose to rent a boat.

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