What are the differences with a SPA?

A spa bath is not a SPA. SPAs, also called whirlpools or whirlpools, can be installed in the bathroom, but also outside on a terrace for example. Several people can be installed at the same time. However, the water does not drain like in a regular bathtub. So if your customers only plan for one-time use, the SPA can be a significant source of water consumption and therefore represent a poorly ecological solution.
Whirlpool tubs can only be installed in the bathroom. Only one or two people can use it simultaneously. It empties with each use, so it can be used as a shower.

How to complete a spa bathroom?

The spa bathroom is not limited to the presence of a balneotherapy bathtub. To be conducive to relaxation and well-being, you can decorate the room in different ways.

Transform the bathroom into a hammam

If the space available in the bathroom, you can plan to install a steam room. Your clients can then benefit from the benefits of humidity before or after a hydrotherapy session.

Play on the senses

When it comes to well-being, all the senses are on the alert. So don't hesitate to play with sensoriality in a spa bathroom.
Perfume, essential oils, natural materials, relaxation music, all means are good to increase the feeling of relaxation tenfold and to create a designer bathroom.

Finding the right lighting in a spa bathroom

Another important sense to take care of is sight. Lighting has a real effect on the feeling of well-being. It should therefore be the subject of special attention in a spa bathroom.
Choose soft or even chiaroscuro lighting. Indirect light sources are welcome as are LED strips or small lamps.

Provide practical and aesthetic storage

For a soothing atmosphere in the bathroom, everything must be in its place so as not to create visual pollution. You must therefore provide practical and aesthetic storage. It can be a storage column with clean lines or a chest of drawers in noble wood as a vanity unit.
The spa bathroom concept is essentially based on the presence of a spa bath within it. Nozzles, jets and other functions are real calls for well-being and relaxation. To complete this SPA atmosphere at home, you can play with sensoriality and accessories.


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